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DoubleShake is our love letter to our favorite PlayStation 1 and Nintendo 64 games that we grew up with, such as "Mischief Makers", "Tomba!"*, and "Klonoa" (as well as a seasoning of other favorite games and genres in the 5th Generation consoles!). Our goal is to utilize modern technology, techniques. and game design to "shake up" this nostalgic aesthetic.

(*some of y'all outside of North America might know it as "Tombi")

Read more about DoubleShake and its plans on our Kickstarter! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rightstick/doubleshake-a-throwback-to-5th-g...


DoubleShake Standalone (PC) 69 MB
DoubleShake Standalone (Linux) 69 MB

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That boss battle was amazing! I loved the setting of it after exploring the final area!!

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Played Windows Edition. Solid game, easy to get into, especially considering your inspiration for the game, and quite intuitive.
I feel like I need more enemies or at least townspeople populating the area, as in "Tomba!", and it may be that I'm just letting my impatience speak.  That being said, I can't wait to see your finished project, and I wish you luck!

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Tried the Linux demo, it works although there is a graphical bug with the main character. 

Looks like some sort of transparency issue with the animations? Bit odd. Going by other footage, looks like it has some blending bugs elsewhere too like the doorframe.

Yeah, we found this issue occurs in both Linux and Mac builds. We don't know the specific issue yet, but it seems like it's based on our custom shader and alpha values.

Happy to test for you again any time for Linux :)

The minute I read Tomba, I was hooked! :D

I had fun playing this game, despite having some difficulty adjusting to the controls a bit (it was fine after a while, until I reached the boss fight, and kept shaking instead of throwing objects XD). I backed this game on Kickstarter, and am looking forward to playing the full game once it's ready :)


"Shake shake!"

The main character's mischievous laughter in between, and the secret golden pepper that gives another heart, was cool as well! :D

I can't wait to review this game!


cant wait for the full release and that art book

I want to play it but all the objects are pink, what is happening??? Is my computer the issue?

Hi! I made a possible fix to this issue in a new version, please re-download, try it out, and let me know if the issue still persists.

It still persists!

Yeah, I talked to another player who had the same problem, and I'm not capable of figuring out what's causing this issue and how to solve it (especially considering this isn't happening to many players). I'll be doing further research into this, but it's possible that I won't have a fix until beta or release versions.

Hum hum. No problem. Keep up the good work.

Rightstick, in Brazil we can't see your Steam page because of this. Please, fix it.


We recently learned about this, but we can't set an age rating until we post a demo on the storefront. We'll be resolving this soon.


Shake shake!